BlueTrack Mice from Microsoft with Specular Optics Architecture

After a pretty long wait on confirmation of its release. Microsoft few days ago had a clue for its getting out soon. The company has come up with a different way of doing this from all others in the game. This model sure is a threat for all existing BlueTrack based mice in the market and is definitely a response to all the announcements and releases made by the Apple recently. This devices use a kind of beam together with some optics in order to allow special tracking on varied services.

With use of Specular optics architecture along with an image sensor developed by Microsoft and with pixel geometry creates a picture with high contrast with good accurate tracking. This technology familiar as BlueTrack runs from bottom of mouse as is four times bigger than mean laser beam employed in recent mice. The mouse tracks well even when used on a rugged surface like carpets. The product will be available from the month of November and will be for sale in all the Best Buy stores in the market in all regions. The two variants of mice from Microsoft based on BlueTrack will undergo BlueTreatment once they are out. The Explorer mouse will be priced at $99 and the other one called Explorer Mini Mouse will be for $79. This mouse was reportedly spotted on Amazon before its out. This is an attempt from Microsoft to get rid the products in the category of Laser technology based mice.

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