6 Best Bedroom Gadgets That You Should Have

Bedroom Gadgets

The bedroom is the place where after the daylong hustle-bustle you come to rest and get some sleep. Your bedroom is also like your private fortress where you want to get disconnect from the rest of the world and have some chill out time for yourself. It is also a place where you get to intimate with your life partner and enjoy some romantic moments. So naturally, you want your bedroom to be nicely equipped and have all the comforts you desire.

With the help of technological advancement, you can make your bedroom the coziest place in the world by equipping it with gadgets that will assist you in doing that. Here is the list of electronic gadgets will help in customizing the bedroom and make it full comfortable and secure.

Bedroom Gadgets

1. Smart Led Lamp

Gadgets for Bedroom

Lighting is an important aspect of any room, and when it comes to the bedroom, it should be soothing rather than bright. The smart LED lights can match your requirement to create a relaxing ambiance inside your bedroom. The Aloysia Bluetooth Smart LED Light is an innovative app-enabled bulb which operates wirelessly with the help of your smartphone or tablet. It has multiple color options that you can change according to your mood. Be it romantic, playful or drowsy you can keep any combination you want. It is undoubtedly one of the cool lights for your bedroom that you can have.

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2. Dual Band Wireless AC Router

Gadgets for Your Bedroom

A comfy bedroom with uninterrupted internet service is a real pleasure that everyone craves. To have seamless internet connectivity, the TP-LINK Archer C20i is the latest Wi-Fi device that you can keep in your bedroom. It is designed elegantly, cutting out the conventional antennas from the router to suit your bedroom interiors. It gives stable internet network by minimizing the fluctuation. It covers a big radius; thereby providing you network in every corner of your room. You can also connect multiple devices to this router without any problem. The installation is hassle-free, and it also has a parental lock provision. Hence, this is a cool technological gadget that you can have in your bedroom.

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3. Echo Plus

Awesome Bedroom Gadgets

The Amazon Echo plus is not only an excellent companion for your bedroom but the whole house. This smart gadget can do multiple things along with effortlessly managing your everyday tasks. It runs on your home Wi-Fi network via which it connects to all other devices. The first thing it does is that it plays crisp and high-quality music with the help of its Dolby powered speaker. The gadget has voice recognition system with an array of seven microphones that utilizes the beam-forming technology along with enhanced noise cancellation feature.

The Echo Plus is connected to Alexa cloud-based voice service which works like the Jarvis of Iron Man. It recognizes your voice and acts according to your command like playing music, answering questions, tells the news and even booking a cab for you. Echo Plus can be operated via your smartphone, and the app is compatible with both iOS and Android platform.

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4. Universal Remote

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

The clutter of remotes is the most annoying thing for anyone. Operating different devices with different remotes often turns troublesome for us as if a single remote is lost or damaged the entire gadget just becomes useless. To avoid this problem, you can get a Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control for yourself. It is a universal remote control which can operate multiple devices right from TV, Blu-Ray player, speakers, and other electronic gadgets.

You need to configure the remote once with the help of your computer, and after you do that, you can effortlessly control all the compatible devices without any issue. The ergonomic design is easy to handle, and the illuminated display helps to use it easily.

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5. Humidifier

Cool Gadgets for Bedroom

Having a nice aroma in your bedroom can surely uplift your mood and give you a sound sleep too. It also makes the ambiance romantic and brings the couples close. URPOWER Oil Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier is the perfect gadget for your bedroom which drives away the foul smell from your bedroom, spreading a lovely aromatic fragrance with its whisper quiet ultrasonic operation. It does not hamper your sleep and can function for 10 hours constantly. It also helps in preventing the dry, chapped skin during the winters by keeping the humidity level in the room steady.

Apart from misting scented spray in the room, it also plays the role of a beautiful night lamp with different color options ranging from green, dark blue, red, yellow, pink, light blue and white. It is also helpful for those kids who are afraid to sleep in the dark. Hence with all these features, it is undoubtedly a cool gadget for your room.

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6. Smart Lock

Bedroom Security Gadgets

You can only sleep peacefully at night if you feel totally safe and secure. To meet this requirement, there is no better gadget than the August Smart Lock. It liberates you from the worry of keys, and you can lock or unlock the latch just with the help of your smartphone. It immediately alerts the owner in case of any intrusion or forceful entry into the house. The installation is easy, and it keeps a 24/7 track of who enters and exits your room. So just at the slide of an app button, your room becomes fully secure, and you can sleep in your bedroom without any worry.

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Therefore if you are looking for some gadgets which will let have some pleasurable time in your bedroom, then these are some of the best electronic gadgets that you can have in your bedroom to have complete relaxation and enjoy every moment.

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