5 Megapixel Underwater Digital Camera

A camera for the underwater fun. Yes, it is a 5MP digital underwater camera and of course it is an ideal choice for all those who love underwater fun and also love to capture it without investing much on cameras.

This gadget called “Underwater 5MP Digital Camera” is the best choice because it is highly affordable and it has a good record quality. More to this, the digital camera is a plug and play gadget. Isn’t that interesting and easy if compared to other underwater cameras. And isn’t it a must for all amateur underwater fun loving people.

Recording Quality

underwater digital camera 5 MP

This underwater camera records video at 18 – 20 frames per second. It comes with SD cards and supports up to 2 GB memory. This mean that the camera can provide around 65 minutes of high quality video recording. The water resistant case of this underwater camera is rated to be water proof up to 15 meters.

The best part of this underwater camera is that you may be able to play the recorded video and also the pictures right on your TV set. Moreover, you can also take still pics from the regular video. The water proof case of the camera can also be removed to enjoy recording. Not only this, it can also be used as a standard web camera. This digital underwater camera is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

This digital camera can shoot 12 and 8 MP resolution images. The gadget offers a TV AV cord, camera software CD, resolution sensor with option to snap 5 MP, 3, 1 MP, 1, 3 MP and 300 K resolution pictures. It has 18 – 20 FPS video mode at QVGA with sound supported. There is also a voice recorder feature in it.

Features & Specs :

Camera – 5 MP
Flash – Auto
Flash Memory – 16 MB
Zoom – 8 x Digital
Measurement – 11, 5 cm in length, 8 cm in width and 6 cm in height
Display – LCD of 2. 0 inches

This underwater digital camera is worth buying. You can check Amazon or Ebay in order to order this. Keep reading this section. We will be back with some more exciting products. Till then keep commenting.

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