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[12 Oct 2008 | No Comment]
KiTTy – Free and Portable SSH/Telnet Client for Windows

Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that can be used to transfer data between two network devices using a secure channel. KiTTy is a free SSH client for windows. It is a fork from the popular SSH client PuTTy. There are many features which made me to suggest …

[12 Oct 2008 | No Comment]
Webcpp – Converts Source Code to Syntax Highlighted HTML File

Recently I tried to display some C++ code on a website. But I took a lot of time to highlight the code syntax. So I thought if I had a tool that can automate this then it would be great. So I was searching on the Internet and found Web …

[11 Oct 2008 | No Comment]
MessenPass – Freeware To Recover Lost Instant Messenger Passwords

Sometimes we may forget the passwords of our Instant Messenger Logins. But you can recover them with the help of MessenPass if you had chosen the “Remember My Password”. Usually if it is a personal machine we do check the “Remember My Password” and in those cases you can recover …