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[24 Jan 2009 | No Comment]
Resolve Codec problems on Windows7 With Windows 7 Codec Pack

Every computer user should have faced the problems with Codecs sometimes or the other. If you have recently installed Windows 7 and are facing some problem with Codecs then you can try Windows 7 Codecs Pack. The Win7codecs package does not change or interfere with Microsoft’s native codec support in …

[24 Jan 2009 | No Comment]
Get More Information About Hyperlinks With Interclue

Interclue is a simple Firefox extension to know more about a link and moreover its free to download and use. The Add-on will display detailed information when you move your cursor over the links present in a webpage and you can even see a lot of information about the broken …

[23 Jan 2009 | No Comment]
Stay Informed about Upcoming Bithdays With ContactKeeper

Now you will never forget to wish your best friends or close pals on their birthday with the help of ContactKeeper. ContactKeeper is a freeware program which can be used very easily as a personal information manager which provides you an integrated birthday reminder. It keeps you informed about all …

[22 Jan 2009 | No Comment]
Use Flickr Images as Desktop Wallpapers with Fleace

I was searching for some Desktop tools and came across Fleace. It stands for Flickr-Enabled Automatic Changer for Everyone. From the name of the application you can easily say that it has got something to do with Flickr. Yes! Fleace is a free wallpaper changer which can retrieve Images from …

[21 Jan 2009 | One Comment]
Convert Your DVD Videos to MP4, MKV, AVI and OGM Format With HandBrake

Today I was looking for a freeware application to convert DVD Videos to MPEG-4 format. While searching I found HandBrake and was really impressed by the way it works. HandBrake is an open-source, free, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder to convert your videos from one format to another. HandBrake is …

[20 Jan 2009 | 5 Comments]
Tune, Optimize and Increase Your Internet Connection Speed With TCP Optimizer

If you have a little knowledge in Networking you can modify the TCP/IP settings and increase your Internet connection speed. But don’t worry if you have got no idea about networking. There are many free tools to do the job for you. TCP Optimizer is one such freeware which can …

[20 Jan 2009 | No Comment]
Defend Against Traffic Analysis and Protect Your Anonymity With Tor

When you browse the Internet anyone can easily track your online activities, know your operating system and the browser you are running, sites visited by you, find out your computers name, examine your history list, examine your IP address, dig into your cache, and use that to learn basic information …

[19 Jan 2009 | No Comment]
Mount a Disk Image to Virtual Drive with Gizmo Drive

One of my readers asked for a good CD/DVD emulation software and I suggested him to try out Gizmo Drive. Basically the emulation software allows you to run a CD or a DVD image directly from your hard disk. All that you will be doing is mounting the image to …