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[30 Jul 2011 | No Comment]

There are many users who are very annoyed when they find out that there is an exe file in their task-manager which they are unable to recognize. This leads to confusion and many a times a required file is also hampered. This article is about such a file which is required by many users but …

[9 Jul 2011 | No Comment]

What is Corona.dll?
It is an unknown process that shows up in the task manager even when no program is being run. This may happen due
to turning on the Automatic Update feature.
Corona.dll is a recognized DLL file that has no “Author” related to it. This may be a sign that there …

[6 Jul 2011 | No Comment]

Are you frustrated with drwtsn.exe error messages poping up every time you start or shut down your system? You might also be pinched with varied messages from drwtsn while starting some applications or in the midst of working with some programs and it just freezes your system or in most cases crashes many …

[25 May 2011 | No Comment]

What Is qtcf.dll ?
After digging deep inside Google, and searching for its acronym extension, we guessed it to be “Quick Time Conversion File”.  “Qtcf” file is used for converting Apple Quick time format to inter convertible extensions recognized by windows platform. This is the sole dll file, which is associated …