Why choosing a browser is so important

Many people work online either freelance or for a company, but few people take the time to really choose the best browser for their needs. It really doesn’t make much sense if you think about it. The Web browser is one of the most used programs when working online, but most people will just use any browser to get their work done. Each browser offers different features, and some just aren’t good for working because they don’t handle larger tasks very well. If you want to know how to compare browsers, then think about all of these different factors when choosing a browser for work.

Multiple Websites

All browsers, unless you are using a very old version, can support multiple websites. Most browsers support the websites by opening them up in different tabs or windows, and you can quickly go through the different websites to collect and compare information. It’s very common to have about three to five websites open at once, and you need a browser that can easily handle the workload.

Make sure the browser you use supports multiple websites without slowing down. The browser should also make it easy to switch from one website to another without lagging between the requests. Any prolonged lagging represents a loss in work time, and it just gets frustrating to wait for the browser to load.

If you work online, then you are going to have multiple websites open. Make sure the browser you choose can handle this without slowing or crashing.

Program Language Handling

If you work with Web design or programming, then you need to use a browser that will best reflect your programming style. Most designers don’t like using Internet Explorer because it requires the most coding, rarely allows any CSS hacks and is very strict about valid coding. This means that you will have to work much harder to create a website or program.

You should instead use a browser that reflects your exact programming needs. If you are going to be working a lot with JavaScript, then it might be better to choose a browser with excellent JavaScript handling like Firefox. While you will likely need to modify the program later to make sure that it works on all browsers, this will allow you to make a mockup to see if the primary functions work correctly.

Apps and API

Each browser has apps and an API that can be used to customize the user experience. For example, you can make it easier to browse from website to website, or you can add a function that displays the links pointing to a website for SEO purposes. Firefox is largely regarded as the browser with the most apps, but the other browsers have similar features that can be used to customize browsing.

If you have specific needs, then you need to check out the apps and the API. Programmers make apps that can be added to your browser. You can customize the API by inserting custom code so that you create special features and macros that suit your personalized needs.


If you are part of a team, then you need to collaborate with other people to ensure the project gets done as scheduled. While working together will often pool everyone’s strengths, it can be a little difficult if each person is using a different browser. The browser might have different features, show files differently due to language handling and an assortment of other issues.

It’s important to make sure that everyone has the same browser. If this cannot be done for some reason or another, then make sure that all of the browsers can harmoniously work together. If you don’t check for compatibility, then the project can take much longer because the team won’t be able to function as a unit.

It’s very important to be choosy about your browser. Each browser has different features, apps, language handling and may or may not lag when going through multiple websites. If you want your work to go as smoothly as possible, then really take some time to look at your browser. Finding another browser that suits your needs better will make work much easier, and you can get a lot more work done without being frustrated at the browser’s limitations.

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