Top Commentators Widget(Plugin)-Give Some Love To Your Commentators

Today I installed the Top Commentators Widget in my Blog. Installing the plug-in is really very easy. You need to Download Top Commentators Widget and upload to your WordPress wp-content/plugins folder. After you activate the plugin from your WordPress Admin panel you can add it to the sidebar from Design>Widgets menu.

To Edit the options click “Edit” present on the Top Commentators widget. There are many options for you to modify.

Features of Top Commentators Widget:

  1. Change widget title: You can change the widget title.
  2. Add description below the title: You can add an extra description.
  3. Exclude these users: You can exclude commentators from certain users like Admin.
  4. Reset list every period: This will display Top commentators hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or all-time. You have the option to set the days also.
  5. Limit the number of names listed: Total Top commentators to be displayed.
  6. Limit the number of characters in each name
  7. Add remarks for empty list: You can add message for empty list.
  8. Filter full/partial URLs: Exclude Users based on URLs.
  9. Filter full/partial e-mails: Exclude Users based e-mail addresses.
  10. Display list type as bulleted or numbered list
  11. Hyperlink names: Display Top commentators Blog URL.
  12. NoFollow links: If you are looking to implement NoFollow on Links.
  13. Show number of comments made: Displays Total Comments.
  14. Group commentors based on e-mail or user names
  15. Show in home page only: Option to display Top Commentators Site Wide or only on Home Page.

Download Top Commentators Plugin


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