Unlocking the Apple iPhone 3G Mobile with a Sim Adapter

Do you want to unlock the iPhone 3G? Yes it can be unlocked, it is the true and you aren’t dreaming. The release of iPhone 3G hasn’t been quite long, but with its major popularity and growing demand, also comes the need to settle for the available cellphone carriers. Until a solution for the iPhone 3G comes up soon, several people may have to select a carrier that they are not interested in, or they shall have to wait until the solution is available throughout, though the wait could take a long time. But probably, someone may have figured out how the iPhone 3G can be unlocked.

With the availability of the original iPhone unlock, there was a major progress in making the phone available worldwide which provided it enormous growth when everyone was able to have one.
Geohot (the one pictured above), was the one who broke the wall and it provided the relief by unlocking the Apple iPhone. Several questions may arise that can this be done in an easier way, without major complications, installations, soldering, etc? But then easier methods were created which were successful.

There are chances that the new solution for the new generation can be hacked. The newly released iPhone 3G can be unlocked with the help of a simple Sim Adapter. It can be unlocked by tricking it into thinking it is used by an actual carrier.

Though there is no ready availability of the SimAdapter for this iPhone 3G trick as yet. The supply for these adapters will increase with the increasing demand for an unlocking method for the iPhone 3G.

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